Master’s work

Currently, I am working on my Master’s of Science in Business Analytics at the University of Washington Tacoma. I want to use acquired skills to help artists, arts organizations and government agencies use data in innovative ways.

MSBA Applied Project

I Served as project manager on a team of 5 working with the Washington State Department of Natural Resource for my MSBA Applied Project. Our team developed visualization dashboards using R and Power BI for analysis of forest land conversion. Information about forest land conversion is useful to help manage salmon recovery efforts because the permeation of rainfall changes with land use.

We also produced a mobile app prototype to extract needed information and update the database as needed from anywhere in the field. This would allow agents to identify parcels of land with mapping then use pages to report finding using drop-down menu options and record notes.

We developed a tool with a focus on one county, but with was easily scalable for state wide analysis using data already available to the WA Department of Natural Resources.

As I gain experience as a business analysis, I hope to provide business advising and analytical tools to artists, art supply wholesalers, manufacturers, creative entrepreneurs and not-for-profit organizations like NW Framing, the Evergreen Picture Framers Guild, and the Tacoma Night Market.

The Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts, Jane Chu, is quoted saying, “The robust data… show through hard evidence how and where arts and culture contribute value to the economies of communities throughout the nation.” I will apply the skills I develop through this MSBA program to further efforts to create value through arts and culture. I will produce analytical tools which help decision makers transform data and information into useful knowledge and business insights.

I’ve worked and volunteered with many arts organizations, along the value chain, but am interested in expanding the scope of my knowledge of the arts economy through working with industry data. The 2019 article, by Eileen Kinsella, A New Study Says the Arts Contribute More to the US Economy Than Agriculture… Kinsella discusses the findings of a study by the US Bureau of Economic Analysis and the National Endowment for the Arts. Kinsella stated that the arts had a steeper growth rate than the nation as a whole and that the arts make up a greater portion of our economy than sectors like agriculture, transportation or warehousing.

Undergraduate Work

In June of 2018 I received my Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurship and an Arts Management minor from the University of Oregon and Lundquist College of Business.

At the University of Oregon I worked as a peer mentor for TRiO’s Student Support Services. Over the course of a year I mentored five students new to the university and helped them explore resources. At the end of the year I spoke on the student panel.

I served as VP of Development for the UO Innovation and Entrepreneurship club where I helped organize and facilitate member events. I helped promote and host pitching competitions. I helped complete the annual report. I also lead an effort to launch a student ambassador program.

I participated in the 2017 Sustainable Invention Immersion Week were my team pitched an idea for recycled plastic kids forts that could be expanded modularly.

Each term, For the opening receptions at Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art on campus I volunteered as an event volunteer.

I served as Artist Ambassador for the city’s 20×21 Mural Project in 2017 and 2018.

Before transferring to the university I graduated from Lane Community College with my Associate’s of Science in Business Administration and I completed the Lane Honors Program.

In the Honors program I learned about the research process and presented my capstone project as the annual symposium, built of web portfolio (the foundation of this website), completed an internship at the Lane Small Business Development Center and helped complete the social science mural.

See the pages listed below to view my coursework for the honors program.

At LCC, I also worked as a Gallery Attendant at the Lane Art Gallery.

At Tacoma Community College I studied Museum and Gallery Operations. I quickly found work at a gallery and later transfer to Green River Community College in Auburn, WA for a term.

With a desire to study business I returned to school after seeing galleries struggle.  I returned to college intending to develop skills I can use to help others with a passion to for art succeed in a competitive and challenging industry.

Honors Corsework:

HON201: Invitation to Inquiry

COOP280_H Co-op ED: Serve Learn-Honors

ANTH102_H: World Archaeology

ART299_H: Mural Painting

WR122_H: Honors Writing

HON202_H: Capstone Seminar

Academic Goals

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