Academic Goals

 My motivation comes from seeing two galleries close and a third struggle which inspired me to study business. I wish to take my knowledge of business back to the arts with me to help others with a passion for art create success in a competitive industry.

I am working towards earn Master’s of Science in Business Analytics.

University of Oregon Goals

Currently, I plan complete my Bachelors Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurship and an Arts Management Minor Spring of 2018.

Gain experience volunteering, specifically for special events at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art.

Summer of 2017 I hope to complete a practicum with an art museum.

Volunteered as Artist Ambassador for the 20×21 Eugene Mural Project Summer 2017 & 2018.

Training to become an officer in the Entrepreneurship club, I plan gain experience in executive leadership.

Volunteered on Planning Committee for Startup Weekend Eugene 2018.

Worked as Peer mentor and Spoke on TRIO SSS Student Voices Panel.

Volunteered as speaker for Biz Paths Entrepreneurship Student Panel.

As I complete my degree I will apply for the Concurrent Master’s Program in Business Administration and Arts Management.

Overall Lane Goals

During my time at Lane C.C., I  built a framework for future success.

Spring of 2015 I completed my Associated Degree in Business Administration and

Complete the Lane Honors Program. Participate in the annual Honors Symposium and presented research on rainwater harvesting in Lane County.

My final year at LCC,  also work in the Lane Art Gallery.

My efforts at L.C.C. will have helped me prepare for what’s to come.

Lane Honors Program- Term Goals

Winter 2014

This term, work to set up a Co-op experience with the Lane Small Business Development Center for Spring 2014.

I’ve continued to use campus resources including Honors advising, TRIO advising, tutor help at the MRC -Math Resource Center, the BRC -Business Resource Center, the TRIO Learning Center, and scholarship application assistance from the Career and Employment Services office staff.

Winter 2014 Goal

During winter term I plan to complete  scholarship applications in addition to my regular course work in four classes.

With help and encouragement from the staff at the Career and Employment Services and TRIO Learning Center I was able to complete my FAFSA -Free Application for Federal Student Aid in time to qualify for the Oregon Opportunity Grant, then also the OSAC -Oregon Student Access Commission scholarship application including the Ford Family Foundation scholarship, and the Lane Foundation scholarship application each before their respective deadline.

Fall 2013

In my College Success course this term I worked to develop self management, emotional intelligence, and interdependence. At lane I’ve use legal aid, personal counseling, and medical services.

Fall 2013 Goals

This term I would like to strengthen my connections with others people the communities I am involved with.
I would also like to learn as much as I can in each of my four classes.
Fall term at L.C.C. this year, I want to be engaged and challenge myself. Specifically, I am looking to retain my high GPA. I am excited for what I will learn in each of my classes. I have reached new levels in Math and am eager to study fascinating topics in Business Law and Writing. I will use my time wisely and seek the advice of others when I need some extra support.

The most specific thing I learn this term was the importance of being explicit.
In Writing I learned that stating as thesis in explicit terms is the key to argumentative writing.
In  Calculus  we considered implicit and explicit differentiation.
In Business Law each case study called for an explicit decision regarding the validity of legal arguments.
In College Success I learned how being explicit strengthens interdependent relationships.
Tutor Central was a useful resource for getting feedback and clarity.
I visited Lane’s Academic Technology Center for exception support in developing my ePortfolio. As a TRIO student I used my access to tutors, advisors, and peers.

Course Goals

HON202_H Capstone Seminar

In the inquiry class, I learned to more carefully analyze sources and to provide my impression of what they conveyed based on research conducted through libraries, data bases, and other publications.

In the Capstone Seminar I look forward to expanding on my skills by producing original data.

I look forward to the learning that will come as I apply the ideas explored in the Inquiry class of critical thinking, challenging assumption, and shifting paradigms.

I would like to clarify my understanding of evidence and methods as these terms still seem abstract to me.

I would like to learn to refine the research process by learning to narrow down the scope of a research project in a shorter time allowing me to focus efforts more efficiently.

Effectively communicate the findings of my research group to the public in new ways.

I would like to expand on the ideas explored in the Inquiry class of critical thinking, challenging assumption, and shifting paradigms.

HON201_H Invitation to Inquiry

For Honors Invitation to Inquiry I wish to research enough information in order to form a solid opinion about how the economic recession has impacted small business owners involved in the art industry.

Through the course of my research this initial focus changed considerably. Much of the data I first encountered regarding economic shifts were based on statistical information that I am not currently in a position to analyze with clarity. This made it difficult for me to address how the recession specifically impacted small business owners. However, it did lead me to ask a question that had long occupied my attention, but which I thought should have been answered by other researchers and scholars although I hadn’t yet discovered a persuasive answer. The question: Is there a financial bubble within the market for fine art? I have been able to form an opinion which settles for me this issue. As to the impact of the recession on small business owners, I will need to continue to develop new skills in order to analyze the data relevant to the question, but I do feel that I am on course to reach that goal.

WR122_H Argument, Style, and Research

In Writing 122 H, I want to produce well-formed rhetorical arguments that I can be proud to share with others. I feel that I am a strong writer. However, it’s a challenge for me to write with a deadline. With time to compose my thoughts and organize ideas I have been pleased with what I’ve written. Feedback and more experience will help me to finish works representative of my ability.

I worked very hard to meet this goal. However, I feel that my writing never truly met my own expectations. WR122H was my most challenging course this term. The ideas to draw from were so abstract and intangible. Receiving my first grade for the course late in the term and the absence of tests and quizzes created a challenge for me when attempting to assess my own progress. With my preferred learning style, as an innovator and with my background I seek to understand the big picture and what resources are available as I work toward my vision of a final product.  In writing I found it difficult to visualize what I needed to do physically with my time and how to plan appropriately to complete work. With this in mind I feel satisfied with the writings I produced.

ePortfolio goals

Winter 2013 As I add the HON201 page  to my ePortofolio and expand on other pages, I intend to give a thorough overview of my experience the term and utilize the help offered at the ATC -Academic Technology Center  throughout the term.

I feel I have done a well to include, on my HON201 page, the key concepts that I explored in the class which helped me to form a better understanding of scholarly research an the role of a scholar.

I spent less time than I had expected in the ATC. I scheduled time for many other activities throughout the term, but did not include regular time at the ATC. Mostly I spent time a home and in the student computer lab working on my ePortfolio. I received excellence support from the ATC last term and didn’t feel that I had any trouble further developing my ePortfolio this term, but in the future I will plan specific time to visit the ATC.

Fall 2013 For my ePortfolio, I would like to establish a strong landing page and to create a platform that reflects my personality to the public in a fair and honest light. I am rather private and independent. I don’t currently have a public website or blog. It will be exciting to develop an online presence.

My ePortfolio has given me a new way to share my passion for art and my personal journey toward academic achievement.

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