WR122_H: Honors Writing

During class I participated in an activity to reevaluate the metaphor of “argument as war” and redefine “argument as dance”. This activity gave me the opportunity to engage in and value a respectful and free exchange of ideas.

Re-thinking “argument as war” metaphor

 Argument as Dance

Choice, give and take, respond to each other, equally invested, emotion, leader and follower, individual idea for common goal


Side step an idea

Out of step

Care to dance?

Let’s flirt with this idea

Don’t lead me on

Dancing around the idea

Take my hand on this idea

Let’s shuffle around this idea

In the process of developing my writing skills I read the following texts which demonstrate  how I used effective critical thinking and reading skills of college-level texts.

Reading Games: Strategies for Reading Scholarly Sources

Finding the Good argument OR Why Bother by Rebecca Jones

 Art of the Contact Zone -Mary Louise Pratt



During multiple stages of the writing process, including: invention, drafting, revising, and editing I defined my thesis, considered my audience, and used citations to support my claim.

The creation of the writing Frame form helped me to use appropriate and effective rhetorical choices  within specific writing situations as I produced these writings.

 Project 1 rough draft     BasquiatP2RD     BasquiatRevisionKCR

BasquiatP1RevisedKCR     BasquiatP2RD2     BasquiatRevision2KCR




To employ appropriate methods of development and support within my written arguments I defined my audience, evaluated the use of Black American rhetoric from 1978-1982,  and I researched the published works from this era.

 WritingFrameFormP1KCR     AnnotatedBibP2      BasquiatP1WorksCited

WritingFrameFormP2KCR                                BasquiatP2WorksCited

WritingFrameFormRevisionKCR                  BasquiatRevisionWorksCited 


To fully engage in the written works about Jean-Michel Basquiat I accessed the following article by microfilm at the University of Oregon’s Knight library.


Link to full article below


The following article and assigned reading helped me to effectively employ and critically analyze the accepted conventions and formatting of academic writing.

 “I need you to say ‘I'”: Why First Person Is Important in College Writing by Kate McKinney Maddalena

I used this article to identify differences in rhetorical strategies and systems and consider why these differences exist, which I found on microfiche at the LCC library.



link to the full article below

Each of the following texted and class reading assignments helped me to develop an understanding of the features and uses of Black American rhetoric.

 Black Talk: Words and Phrases from the Hood to the Amen Corner -Geneva Smitherman

“How I Got Ovah”: African World View and Afro-American Oral Tradition [1977] -Geneva Smitherman

“Blues Aesthetic” WHAT IS LIFE? Reclaiming the Black Blues Self -Kalamu Ya Saalam

In my efforts to better examine the social, historical, cultural, economic, and legal framework of rhetorical systems I discovered and viewed the following video.


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