Northwest Series:

Most of these pieces were created with a technique I developed using paper and clear acrylic to build up a layers forming an under drawing then, each piece is painting over in acrylic.

The cloud series is an extension of the northwest series. These are more simple in that they do not employ the use of paper layers as an under-drawing.  

Most of these are in various states of progress.

My base color series is a reflection of the art making process where I take things from my environment and create something new with them. The first piece I made in this series is the Blue piece. I had a storage box with objects I saved from the time when I worked in art supply and spent my evenings with co-workers making art and listening to music. I had a couple old self-published zines that my friends had made, photos of projects we worked on together and odd things like a muni ticket from a trip into SF. I had lost touch with those friends and didn’t know what I wanted to do with the things I had collected. So, I read through the zines and reflected on times we shared. I decided to juxtapose the object and create something new, with a new meaning. This work now represents the relationship the four of us shared. You can view it and get a sense for what’s there, but unless you were part of that little group you wouldn’t or couldn’t really know what was “between the layer”. That’s essentially what each of these pieces represent. Each piece represents a different relationship I shared with others, some are more intricate with greater depth and other are more simple. I hope everyone draws the viewer in to look closer and to look longer.

The green piece is Kelley on Kelley. It’s a self-portrait of sorts. I was took the functional elements out of their casings and again made something new out of the things around me. 

It is also inspired in part by  Mr. Venus’ Riot Cabaret from the stage play Passing Strange with music by Stew and Heidi Rodewald.

When I get more of these other series complete, I’d like to start an new series in a larger format using some of the work I produced in college. I’d like to do more with the symbols we use to communicate complex ideas.  

Early Works

As a child, I was recognized for my artistic talents. I was placed in a program for talented and gifted children during 5th grade. As a teenager I was an award winning, celebrated artist. In the Jr./Sr. High school art show at the Puyallup Fair, I was awarded best in show for the piece above. The same year I received an award for the piece shown below. More pieces below are other early works.

2 thoughts on “Projects

  1. Nice home page, Kelley! Thank you for providing insight into who you are and where you intend to go. Love the top piece, with the lone person in the midst of the beautiful fall trees. It evokes comfort in the solitude within the beautiful, fall setting.

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